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10 Exclusive Clubs in Vegas That You Should Go At least Once

Las Vegas is infamously famous for its nightlife all over the globe. Of course, Hollywood movies are responsible for a fair share of its incredulous reputation. However, there is no smoke without fire. Night club experience in Vegas is wild with its casinos, dance bars, food buffets, dancing, and other entertainment. Las Vegas is heaven for party lovers all over the world. However, it’s hard to choose the best ones that you should not miss out on with so many clubs in the city.

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Here is our list of the top 10 clubs in Vegas you should not miss:

1. Hakkasan Nightclub

Hakkasan Nightclub is probably everything you can imagine when you think of a nightclub in Vegas. This gigantic 80,000-square-foot club resides within the famous MGM Grand Hotel and hosts some of the most exotic parties in Vegas year-round. You can enjoy some of the best food city on the first floor of the club and move on to the eastern-inspired dance floor complete with LED lights, supersonic sound systems, and, of course, some of your favorite DJs like Steve Aoki, Tiesto, and Calvin Harris. In addition, some of the world’s most popular DJs like Tyga Lil Jon are also performing at Hakkasan upcoming month. Reserve a VIP table at the club to enjoy the whole extravagance the club offers.

2. Tao Nightclub

Tao is one of the oldest and most popular nightclubs in Vegas and it is not without reason. This Asian-inspired nightclub is a frequent abode for various celebrities like Kim Kardashian when they are in Vegas. The 40 ft long balcony overlooks the Vegas Strip, and some of the most luxurious rooms are accompanied by great food, fun music, and mind-boggling sound and lighting systems. In addition to that, every year, Tao adds something new to the club to ramp up the entertainment factor. You can find music from famous DJs like DJ Vice, Chase B, and Justin Credible here.

3. Drai’s Nightclub

If hip-hop is your groove, then Drai’s Nightclub should be on your list of top Vegas nightclubs. This extravagant indoor /outdoor club has a beautiful pool area, complete with a fabulous view of The Strip, Caesars Palace, and the unforgettable Bellagio Fountains. What makes Drai’s nightclub unique is that you can enjoy live performances from famous pop celebrities like Chainz, Chris Brown, and Trey Songz at Drai’s rather than just DJ nights. Many live concerts and events happen at Drai’s year-round so check out the event calendar before your visit.

4. Voodoo Nightclub

If you love sunsets and want the fun hour to start early, don’t miss out on the Sunset Social Hour at Voodoo. Situated on the top of a 51-story building, the sunset view from here is phenomenal. And as the night thickens, you can dance to the tunes of some of the famous DJs while enjoying some fun drinks and appetizers. Don’t miss out on the exceptional bottle service packages while you are out there.

5. XS Nightclub

XS is by far one most elegant among the exclusive nightclubs in Vegas. This gigantic 40,000 sq ft is beautifully divided into exceptional outdoor space with a pool area to die for and the indoor regions that spill luxury and elegance everywhere. The sheer size of this club justifies the XS name. You can enjoy some of the most world-class DJs and performs like The Chainsmokers and David Guetta. Multiple bars keep you stuffed up on food and drinks all night as you enjoy everything the club offers in terms of entertainment.

6. Omnia Nightclub

What makes Omnia unique from other high-end clubs in Vegas is a combination of 3 party rooms that are drastically different from one another. They entirely focused one room on healing DJs and contains some of the most innovative technological equipment to make the DJ night the utmost fun. The second room is more centered on open format music and walls filled with LED lights. The third part is the outdoor terrace who don’t want to stay indoors. All three locations have their charisma and have bars for you to enjoy your drinks at leisure. And the highlight of the club is the Deseo events that happened during Sunday nights. 

7. Jewel Nightclub

Jewel is another club owned by the Hakkasan group and stands up to its name. They designed the entire club on the theme of opulent gems, and the ambiance sets it apart from other clubs in Vegas. Color-changing LED ribbons adorn the walls, and the leather upholstery screams luxury and comfort. Dual-sided LED screens that offer 360-degree movement take the fun to another level. You can enjoy hip-hop EDM and top 40 music here from performers like Drake, Jamie Foxx, and Steve Aoki here.

8. Marquee Nightclub

Another high-end club you should not miss out on during your Vegas trip is Marquee. This massive 60,000 square feet club embodies all the glitz and glam you can expect from Vegas. It also combines three different party rooms, each offering entirely novel experiences. There is a DJ booth where world-famous DJs spin out their music for you. The Boombox is more into open-format music with a separate dance floor. And lastly, there is the library where you can cool off and relax after all the dancing and fun.

9. On The Record Nightclub

If you are looking for something unique and unexpected in Vegas, On The Record is the place for you. This club stands out for its vintage ambiance such as hallway mosaics of cassette tapes, walls of old-school TVs, and pinball machines. If you want an old-school vibe that is lively, try out this club. To make the experience even more fun, book a VIP karaoke room for you and your friends.

10. Light Nightclub

We cannot complete top clubs in Vegas without mentioning the Light Club at Mandalay Bay. With two-story LED screens and performers like Ludacris, Rick Ross, and Jeezy, you are in for a treat. With the three bars that surround the performance area, you have an endless supply of drinks at hand while you enjoy some top-notch hip hop and top 40 music here.

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