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6 Exclusive Clubs in Dubai You Should Visit At Least Once

The zenith-high buildings surpassing the clouds and shopping malls with everything you can ever think of buying make Dubai world famous. Various cultural and historical buildings also give an ancient charm to this city. However, that is not all this incredible city in the middle of the desert offers. Dubai has some of the best nightclubs in the world, filled with fantastic food, music, and drinks. Although choosing the right ones can be tricky sometimes.

Here we list some of the most exclusive clubs in Dubai that you must visit when in Dubai.

1. Club Boudoir

The French renaissance period-inspired back and golden decor of this club make it one of the most extravagant clubs in Dubai. And it is a frequent visiting space for some of the celebrities and DJs in the world. The music here can make you go wild from Bollywood to hip-hop; you can hear some of the peppiest numbers here as you enjoy the drinks and move the beat.

2. White

Just like the name, this rooftop club gives you a clubbing experience that’s nothing but exquisite. This rooftop club lets you enjoy the view of a magnificent Dubai skyline as you enjoy the music played by the best EDM DJs in the world.

3. Armani/ Privé

What is better than partying with your friends in one of the chic clubs in Dubai? Knowing that you are partying in a club that’s in the world-famous Burj Khalifa can magnify your experience significantly. Giorgio Armani designed the club to add a cherry on top, and it reflects his creativity and Italian style.

4. Stereo Arcade

If you are looking for something unique from your clubbing experience in Dubai, Stereo Arcade is the place to go. The credit for the uniqueness goes to the multiple arcade games like Pacman, Robotron, and Mortal Kombat. The techno and house music that plays in the club gives a uniquely fashionable feel to the venue.

5. Base

Although very young compared to other clubs in Dubai, its list of hosted artists like David Guetta, French Montana, Sean Paul, and Rita Ora can make you believe Base is one of the best clubs in Dubai. This young club has an elevated center stage, open-air design, and the tables surrounding it give it the feel of a concert space rather than a club.

6. Analog Room

If the name doesn’t do it, the minimalistic design and the sleek sound systems will make you fall in love with this underground club. The refreshing EDM music and the welcoming vibe earn Analog Room a place with one of the best clubs in Dubai.

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