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6 Exclusive Clubs in Miami That You Should Go at Least Once

6 Exclusive Clubs in Miami That You Should Go at Least Once

you, thenWhite sandy beaches are the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the name Miami. But this tropical heaven has a lot more to offer than beaches and oceans. Miami is also world-famous for its exuberant nightlife. Exclusive club nights with famous DJs, food, drinks, and heart-throbbing music in Miami clubs can get your heart racing in no time. However, choosing the right club is crucial for an enthralling experience in Miami, which can be pretty tricky sometimes.

Here’s Snogo’s handpicked list of exclusive clubs in Miami that you must visit on your Miami escapade.

  1. 1. Club Space

    Club Space is one of the oldest yet most luxurious clubs in Miami. Designed into a 4-room complex known as Floyd, Ground, Loft, and the Terrace. All four sessions play diverse music, and you can choose your coroner as per your appetite for music. If you visit Club Space in the upcoming days, try not to miss out on their Paco Osuna & Avision event.

  2. 2. E11EVEN x

    If you are looking for an exclusive club that’s happening 24X7 and then E11EVEN, you are looking for in Miami. However, that’s not the only highlight of this club. The air of sophistication and luxury this place has makes it a favorite among party lovers across the town. Another highlight is the strip dancers of the club who can blow your mind. 

  3. 3. Floyd

    Calm is not the word that comes to one’s mind when thinking of clubs. However, Floyd in Miami can change your perception. Everything about this club screams sophistication and class, the cocktails here are expensive but worth their money, and the music is a soothing mix of electronics and underground tunes.

  4. 4. Cameo Nightclub

    If club nights are all about grooving to Latin-American and Hip-hop music for you, then Cameo Nightclub in Miami should be a must-visit. This club has the largest dance floor in Miami and is a frequent visiting spot for celebrities like Drake, Young Thug, and DJ Khaled. Divided into two floors, this club is the epitome of fun nights with good food, beverages, and of course, music.

    1. 5. Do Not Sit On The Furniture

    If the unusual name does not intrigue your attention, the fact that it is one of the most-easy outgoing clubs in Miami should. The owners at the club go out of their way to make everyone welcome by removing various restrictions that other clubs have regarding dress codes and club rules. The place always has a homely bunch of locals and outsiders to ramp up the fun factor.


    1. Treehouse

    Treehouse is another club that you should not miss out on during your Miami. Situated in the vicinity of Miami beach, Treehouse offers a spectacular view. It is an excellent place to be if you enjoy techno music and minimalistic decor.  You can also join the Miami Beach Kizomba Festival (MBKF) 2021 if you make it in August this year. And for July month, don’t miss out on the Spice Miami Women’s festival.

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