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Elegant, strong. Keep your Snogo secure.

Your Snogo straw is a flawlessly functioning cacao scoop & bump straw. Add the necklace, and it’s so much more….wear it anywhere and everywhere.

Get a Snogo necklace and turn your SNOGO or SNOGO SMG into eye-catching, practical jewelry. A real conversation piece whether you’re at a festival or on the city streets. Expect admiration, but remember, what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

Our catchphrase, “They’ll Keep Your Snogo with You through Thick & Thin,” might sound catchy, but it’s damn true. We tested this out. Over and over. Our experienced team, our loyal customers in 114 countries—they’ve all proven these necklaces hold your Snogo like a vault. It stays put until you decide otherwise. 


Be the conversation of the party.

Snogo hats & visors feature glass gemstones, set by hand into stainless steel mesh with a heat-reflecting, metallic coating, and an adjustable clasp in the back. Pure luxury. Even the silk storage pouch packaging – Luxe to the extreme! 

Available in 3 colors.

Elevate your game.

We are so proud of these! Our first venture beyond cacao and straws and we nailed it. Like our straws, Snogo hats & visors don’t just raise the bar, they elevate the game. 

No bedazzled B.S. here! To date, if you rock one of these on the streets for 10-minutes without a single “that lid is LIT!” or equivalent, you’ll have set a record. Simply put, Snogo hats & visors captivate. Though here’s the magic; they’re not flashy. Snogo doesn’t do “flashy”. Of course, when innovation & high style are served-up at an unimagined level in an unexpected place, people notice.

  • glass gemstones…
  • set by hand into ….
  • stainless steel mesh with …
  • heat-reflecting metallic coating
  • adjustable strap
  • silk storage pouch included


On the go. Anytime. Anywhere.

Limited edition vials offer cacao containers to carry your Snogo signature cacao blends with you. Screw-top for extra security.

Available in 4 finishes. 

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Luxury Wrapping

For Unforgettable Moments

Elevate your Snogo with our exquisite luxury gift wrapping, adding a touch of opulence and sophistication to your special occasion. 

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Snogo Straws were designed exclusively for use with cacao chocolate products and were NOT designed for the use of nor are compatible with any other product designed to be inhaled or delivered via inhalation. Snogo takes no position as to the long term benefits or detriments of cacao use, and disclaims/forever discharges any side effects or other issues which could arise from the short or long term use of cacao.