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Announcing The Snogo SMG.

Hi-De-Ho Snogoers!

It took 2-years and 19 prototypes, but it’s finally here!! Snogo’s first “new model”: 

The Snogo SMG

We could have called it the Snogo “2.0” or the “Next Generation” but those are pretty lame and overplayed names and there’s nothing lame or played about this baby. The Snogo SMG is a 3-in-1 bump straw, applicator, and scoop, 3 inches in length (same as the regular Snogo) & only slightly thicker, but it’s got one major, game-changing innovation: a 3-notch dose-setting dial!

S, M or G. 

That’s code for Small, Medium or Grande/Giddiup/Get-Your-Ass-In-Gear ripper.

And how’s this for sweet: design your own SMG! You can choose a different finish for each outer tube, dial and inner tube (select your combo from silver, nitride, gold and burgundy finishes). So in every sense, The Snogo SMG puts you in the saddle. 

So, if the saddle is your sweet spot, giddyup, or maybe just mosey, whatever your chosen speed, make your way to the Snogo store and check out The Snogo SMG. 

Sincerely & Oh-So-Stoked,  


P.S. Snogo is a strictly 18+ community, so no skimping on the details! 

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