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Choose from one of our 4 bundles.

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Was $255.00 to $400.0
Now $198.90 to $320.00

$235 to $375

Was $415.00 to $710.00
Now $298.80 to 525.40

$350 to $635

Was $710.00 to $1295.00
Now $617.90 to $1036.00

$720 to $1245

Was $2585.00
Now $1809.50


The Rodeo

Because it’s not your first rodeo. You’ve ridden more than enough bulls; you’re a professional and, damnit, you deserve professional gear. That’s why you choose the Rodeo bundle, so you can party like the professional you are. The Rodeo gets you one 3-inch Snogo straw, in any finish, a thick necklace in the same finish, a 4-pack of cacao and a 4-pack of vials.

The Minx

Sexy and seductive, the Minx is never without company. Pick your finish –silver, gold, burgundy or nitride—and receive the coupling; both the 3-inch Sogo straw and the 1.5-inch incognito straw, a thick necklace and the thinner necklace  (in the same finish),  plus a 4-pack of cacao and a 4-pack of vials.

Snogo Bundle Minx
Snogo Bundle Silver

The Hot Fox

Knowing what you want, that’s hot. So the Hot Fox begins by asking you to decide: silver & nitride or gold & burgundy?

After that, it gets real. Because with the Hot Fox bundle you get you a 3-inch Snogo straw and a 1.5-inch incognito straw in BOTH silver & nitride OR BOTH in gold & burgundy as well as the thick and thin necklaces in both finishes. So it’s a total of 4 straws and 4 necklaces, plus a 4-pack of cacao and a 4-pack of vials.

The Vixen Viceroy

The most bountiful of bundles, the Vixen Viceroy is the fat of the land. The full Monty! It’s the 3-inch Snogo straw in all 4 finishes, the 1.5-inch Incognito straw in all 4 finishes, the thin and the thick necklaces, both, in all four finishes, the rhinestone baseball cap in all three colors, plus an 8-pack of cacao blends and an 8-pack of vials.  It’s damn near everything! 8-straws, 8-necklaces, 3-baseball caps, 8-blends, and 8-vials.

Snogo Bundle Minx
Sensual Snogo Club Scene

Are you ritually around people?

Would you like to be more involved in the Snogo community?

Luxurious Woman holding SNOGO Straw

Snogo in the Wild

Do you have a wild Snogo story?

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