The Snogo "Pogo"

    We are happy to offer you the Snogo, a truly optimal Cacao-on-the-Go pipe pendant that's been called World's Finest Cacao Applicator.  Measuring 3 inches in length by a slim .3 inches in diameter, the Snogo offers unique features including a notched nose-piece for use in dark atmospheres, triple mirror-polish on all surfaces for a frictionless experience, a seven-hole carb for optimal airflow and a superior-quality DNX Spring for smooth recoil action. Snogo is made from a combination of a 316 Stainless Steel interior core and 304 Stainless Steel outer shell.

    The Snogo Pogo allows you to fly under the radar. It is a premier applicator and discrete pipe pendant - all in one. 

    When the Snogo applicator is taken apart it can act as a designer straw and as a scoop meant to replace the key bump.

    ⭐Click-Ratchet for Reliable Dosing Lines Every Time 

    ⭐Straw Applicator, Scoop and Designer Bump Straw 

    Easy to Clean

    Learn How to Snogo

    4 products

    4 products