Introducing…. SNOGO’s Game-Changing, Luxury-Oozing, Knock Your Dick in the Dirt, Dope-AF

Hats & Visors!

SNOGO hats & Visors feature glass gemstones, set by hand into stainless steel mesh with a heat-reflecting, metallic coating, and adjustable clasp in back. Pure luxury. Even the silk storage pouch packaging - Luxe to the extreme! 

Too transfixed to read those sentences? Heard. Hence, the CliffsNotes:

  • glass gemstones…
  • set by hand into ….
  • stainless steel mesh with …
  • heat-reflecting metallic coating
  • adjustable strap
  • silk storage pouch, included

We are so proud of these! Our first venture beyond cacao and straws and we nailed it. Like our straws, SNOGO hats & visors don’t just raise the bar, they elevate the game. 

No bedazzled B.S. here! To date, if you rock one of these on the streets for 10-minutes without a single “that lid is LIT!” or equivalent, you’ll have set a record. Simply put, SNOGO hats & visors captivate. Though here’s the magic; they’re not flashy. SNOGO doesn’t do “flashy”. Of course, when innovation & high style are served-up at an unimagined level in an unexpected place, people notice. 

1 Produkt

1 Produkt