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3 Ways You Can Become Involved with the SNOGO Community

Rule #1 at the Party? Never Hit Pause.

SNOGO is a brand new way to keep the party going into the night.

Its functionality allows party-goers to discreetly use their cocoa bump straw with class and style.

Join us and take part in leading the charge with a revolutionary way of keeping the party rolling… all night long.

We have three programs you can join to help spread the word.


Affiliate Program

Are you the star of the show!?

Do you have a tendency to bring a new level of fun and excitement to every party and gathering while influencing your friends to do the same?!

We want you to join SNOGO STARS!

What’s in it for you?!  HINT: It PAYS to be a hit!

  • Our affiliate members get 15% commission on total referral sales when a customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link or uses your customized coupon code.

  • In addition, friends using your affiliate link will also get a 15% discount on all Snogo products!

  • Take advantage of our limited cohort of initial affiliates and be a part of the next big revolution in partying in style!

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Influencer Program

SNOGO is on the hunt for influencers across the globe to help us revolutionize the way we party!

Think you’ve got the chops to represent our brand?

We’d love to hear from you!

How does the Influencer program work?!

  • Each influencer is issued with a unique discount code worth 15% off all products that he or she can share with their online following.

  • Selected influencers will receive free products ranging from silver necklaces (worth $150 value) to cacao to sample and share online.

Note: The Influencer will receive a flat fee for a guaranteed number of posts, and/or commission. Each influencer's terms are negotiated individually.

Please fill out our Influencer Application and
we'll connect with you if we think you’re a good fit!

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Brand Ambassador



SNOGO is looking for Brand Ambassadors all over the world to help spread the word!

Are you ritually around people partying late at night who would like this product?


  • By becoming a Brand Ambassador, we are able to offer you a massive 40% off the regular retail price when you buy ten or more items at a time.

  • If you place regular monthly orders, you are eligible for further discounts, up to 50%.

Please fill out our Brand Ambassador Form. We'll be happy to welcome you to the Snogo Brand Ambassador Program.

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