Necklace Silver - Necklace - Snogo Straws
Necklace Silver - Necklace - Snogo Straws
Necklace Silver - Necklace - Snogo Straws
Necklace Silver - Necklace - Snogo Straws

Necklace Silver

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An even easier way to bring your Snogo wherever the night takes you.

Make all the right impressions and stay ultra discreet by wearing your Snogo as an elegant pendant.  Beautifully designed, subtle, and sleek, the Snogo Silver necklace is a perfect compliment to your Snogo bump straw.

Your Snogo Silver, Nitride, Gold, or Incognito bump straw will fit perfectly into this elegant Silver necklace for a flawless compliment in functional jewelry. 


The Snogo Sliver necklace is a thinner gauge, and is designed to compliment any Snogo Straw (Silver, Nitride, Incognito, and Gold).

Snogo ---- /snō gō/ 

Noun // a spring loaded bump straw and scoop for sniffing cacao and other powders // ‘he scooped the powder with his Snogo’

Still Confused? 

The idea for Snogo happened in 2014.

I was in Boulder, CO, at a club afterparty, when suddenly I thought "why do cacao party accessories suck so bad?"  It’s 2014, and we’re still using a $20 bill to sniff cacao?  Oh,'s a cut plastic straw.  Super classy. let's put some cacao on a key.  Total fail.  Or a bullet?  Seriously. Don't get me started.

Basically I'd had it. 

I made up my mind to take partying to a whole new level. I spent the next 5 years designing and prototyping what would become Version 1 of the Snogo, a 3-in-1 bump straw, scoop, and tooter for the high class, mature, discreet partygoer.  Like me. 

I wanted Snogo to be super high fashion yet subtle enough to pass as jewelry.  

Highly functional, innovative, and entirely different from everything else.  No more key bumps or trips to the bathroom – and with a look so sexy that it elevated the experience to partying.

Where we're at today.

There are thousands of partygoers and clubbers all over the world who are using Snogo to take the party with them wherever they go.  

I'm stunned.

Currently we are in 27 states and 16 countries, and we only launched a few months ago and have done ZERO marketing.  Yet we're seeing Snogo pop up at clubs and afterparties in New York, Miami, Lisbon, Las Vegas, Berlin, Ibiza, Tokyo, London...

So its left me wondering...Where will we see Snogo next?