Getting Started

Welcome to Snogo, and more importantly to our ever-expanding SNOGO FAMILY. We very much hope you love the Snogo Straw as much as we do. 

First and foremost the Snogo Straw is a spring loaded straw intended for cacao bumps in the bottom (scoop), and out the top (nose piece). However, the Snogo Straw is also our most versatile product offering a three in one feature as it may also be used as a stand alone straw, or a scoop (diagram below). 

  • Always tell friends about the Snogo as it is best used amongst the camaraderie of other like minded individuals.
  • Always be sure your Cacao is GOUND TO A FINE POWDER before use. 
  • Do not expose your Snogo Straw to prolonged moisture exposure.
  • Smile! You are now a welcome member of the Snogo family and a winner! 

    Snogo Anatomy & Hidden Features 

    Snogo | Functional Jewelry

    How to Snogo?


    Snogo Straw Standard Usage Guide 

    1. Depress Snogo Plunger
    2. Scoop Cacao
    3. Release Plunger
    4. Inhale through top of plunger


    How to Snogo


     How to open and release the Snogo? 

    Open and release the Snogo Straw for 3 in 1 multi-function, and cleaning.

     1. Depress plunger

    2. Align groove, and twist inner plunger clockwise 180 degrees or one half turn.

    3. Release the inner plunger. 

    4. Enjoy straw function.

    5. Enjoy scoop function.


     Cleaning Instructions. 

    Disassemble Snogo, soak scoop area in club soda for one minute. Then spray the microfiber towel (provided) with white vinegar, and wipe down entire Snogo and remove any unwanted debris. DO NOT USE ABRASIVE CLEANING MATERIALS or Snogo may scratch. Thoroughly dry to remove all moisture from the Snogo. Re-assemble and enjoy. 

    Product Liability Statement : Warnings

    • Keep your Snogo Straw and it's components out of the reach of children and pets.
    • Any inappropriate, incorrect, or irresponsible use will void warranty and can result in serious injury.
    • Do not use your Snogo Straw if it appears to be damaged, broken, or is operating in an unusual or erratic manner.
    • Do not place your Snogo Straw in a dishwasher, washing machine or dryer.
    • Do not expose your Snogo Straw to prolonged moisture exposure. The Snogo Straw inner plunger is made from Medical Grade 316  Stainless steel and is resistant to corrosion, however both the interior and exterior tubes may rust upon prolonged exposure to liquid.
    • Do not use Snogo in hot humid atmospheres as powder will bind in the scoop area. Dry scoop area before use. 


      Snogo is intended for use with legal cacao chocolate, and is not to be used with illegal substances.

      By entering this site, you are agreeing that you are over the age of 21 for US based customers or that you are over the age of 18 for non-US based customers and you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

      • The Snogo were designed exclusively for use with cacao chocolate products and were NOT designed for the use of nor are compatible with any other product designed to be inhaled or delivered via inhalation;
      • Snogo LLC takes no position as to the long term benefits or detriments or cacao use, and disclaims/forever discharges any side effects or other issues which could arise from the short or long term use of cacao;
      • The FDA has not evaluated the products designed to be used with Snogo products, and Snogo LLC makes no claim as to any benefits from the use of any products designed to be used with its products.