WTF is Snogo?

OK- Who are we?  In a nutshell - We make spring-loaded straws and other devices for sniffing Cacao up one's nose on the go and curate a signature blend of organic cacao. It may sound crazy - but it’s a lifestyle. 


Each “serving” contains approximately the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. 


Our target markets specifically are partygoers, club-goers, the bar crowd of every ilk. We also think the people in the restaurant industry, college (partying) students, even truck drivers- people who stay up all night- or want to-would love the product. We have done zero marketing so far ZERO- but the word of mouth has spread like wildfire with sales in 10 countries! 


Snogos are branded as subtly high-end for the more mature partier who likes to do their partying in class. Our image is unique, and sophistication, almost one of high-end, functional jewelry. 


We are 100% legit and aim to keep it that way. 


The other fun news is that we are a 3 in 1 product. Spring Loaded straw, and when easily taken apart, it can be a designer straw, and a scoop (to replace the key bump).