Snogo Cacao 

We've curated our own line of organic raw cacao blends.   

Experience all of them with our 4-blend 4 pack which includes all four of our signature organic cacao blends: Coco Yeyo, K-Cao, Silver Bullet, and Black Ball blends.  

  • Coco Yeyo - Ginger and Kava are blended in our signature Coco Yeyo, renowned for its uplifting and relaxing effects. 
  • K-Cao - K-Cao has a refreshingly sweet and contains a specially formulated Holy Basil blend for increased energy and creativity. 
  • Silver Bullet - Our turbocharged Sliver Bullet blend features ginger and cloves for a sharp, stimulating experience.
  • Black Ball - “For Ballers Only” - This is the real deal – a Wild, Asian mint combo that packs a 1-2 punch.  BOOM! 

Each bump of our Snogo Cacao Signature Blend is the caffeine equivalent of approximately one cup of coffee, providing a powerful energy boost.

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    1 product