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Find Your Line In Love

Today we have 195 countries in the world and anthropologists have examined over 200 societies and found evidence of love songs, love poems, love magic, and love charms.  The list seems endless. The world is filled with the passion of love.

So what is love? At its core, it’s a strong attraction and emotional attachment that brings joy, and being in joy for me is the only way to live. I get up every day in gratitude for my life and the Snogo community. Intrinsically, I have always known that he/she/they who lives happiest and in joy wins.

I’m in love with this life, my family, my friends, the amazing SNOGO TEAM, and the opportunity to make a difference in the world.  Like expressions of love, my list too is endless and is without limits.

I believe love should not be bounded, and that each person is unique and beautiful in their own expression. It’s why I chose the tagline “Find Your Line” for Snogo. It’s my commitment to promote self-expression, choice, and sharing of love throughout the world.

Pride Month is extremely important to me because it does just that. It reminds us all to love without limits and be true to ourselves. It reminds us to embrace the mosaic of human beings and life. It reminds me to love fully, wholly, and deeply. Most importantly, it reminds us all to be in the “pride” of who we are, and the gifts we bring to this world. 

As a regular practice, I routinely take a moment to simply reflect on:

  • How I  love others.
  • How I love myself.
  • Who & what I  love.

Thank you amazing Snogo community!  Please take a second to embrace the joy in life and express your love to someone today. Above all, cherish yourself, for the deepest affection begins within.

Big Love,

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