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In the empty warehouses of Detroit and the abandoned factories of Manchester, something special was happening. Word got out……

It all began in the late 1980s, when small groups of friends came together and started organizing secret parties in unconventional venues such as abandoned warehouses and factories. We were building a cherished community. Partiers who attended an event would then pass on information about the next party to their friends and trusted acquaintances. And so, it grew…

To maintain secrecy, parties were often given enigmatic names and coded messages, known only to those in the know, and the friends and acquaintances they chose to induct. In some instances, attendees were required to call a dedicated phone line on the day of the event to receive location details, ensuring that only the committed would participate.

It goes without saying, the parties were exclusive. But consider this: Had those coded messages simply appeared in people’s mailboxes, had those phone numbers been given to them by complete strangers, would they have attended? Would they have journeyed to an empty industrial space in the underbelly of an inner city because an unknown voice on a recorded message told them to do so? Would deep connections have been made? Probably not. And if they hadn’t?…

  • Where would we be today?
  • Would we know where Ibiza was?
  • What would our favorite clubs sound like?
  • Would “rave” mean anything to us?
  • See what we’re getting at?
  • We need you!

Engineers of Euphoria,
Architects of Escapism,
Curators of Experience
& Promoters of Goodness,
Let’s Keep the Party Going!

Partner with us. Promote Us. Get Paid.

Snogo offers 3 partnership programs:

Get a personalized affiliate code that provides a 15% discount to customers and a  15% commission to the affiliate.

Wholesale pricing for purchases of 10+ straws.

For those with like-minded audiences, let’s share the euphoria, escapism, experience…the one and only Snogo!

Always near the action.

getting involved

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