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5 Most Functional Pieces of Jewelry You Should Know About

The earliest piece of jewelry was found about 25,000 years ago in a cave in Monaco. It was a simple necklace made of fish bones. Since then, jewelry has become an integral adornment for humanity. They are deemed a fashion statement and status symbol in cultures all over the globe. However, over the past few years, there is an increasing demand for functional jewelry that is more than just adornment and solves a better purpose.

Here are five such pieces of jewelry that are a fashion statement while serving a useful purpose: 

Defender Ring 

Rings are everyday pieces of jewelry that everyone loves. However, Defender Rings can become the secret weapon in your arsenal against muggers and sexual offenders. These rings look elegant and plain but have a concealed sharp blade that you can use for self-defense to get yourself out of tough spots. These rings are beneficial for women since pepper sprays and other defense mechanisms are not always within reach. These rings can stay on your hand 24 X 7.

Health tracking leaf pendant

Staying fit has become the basic lifestyle need for everyone these days. However, it can become hard to keep track of how you are doing with just apps and smartwatches since it is impossible to carry our phones with us all the time. This is where the health tracking leaf pendant from Bellabeat comes in. This beautiful leaf-shaped pendant can be worn with a necklace or a bracelet easily and keeps track of all your health indices like sleep patterns; steps walked, menstrual cycles, calories burned, and much more. It also has an inactivity alarm that pushes you to stay more active.

Charging bracelet

We depend on our gadgets, especially our smartphones, for calling and interacting on social media to deliver groceries or commuting. However, their drawback is that they require power to run, and sometimes we don’t have a charging port available. With Torro Charging bracelets, you don’t have to worry about a power source to charge your phones anymore. This minimalist piece of jewelry can charge your phone on the go even without a regular power source.

Crave vesper vibrating necklace 

You may wonder why this product has been added to a functional jewelry listicle. The answer is simple: it is an elegant piece of jewelry that serves a better purpose. This sleek vibrator necklace is something you would want to explore your sexual desires and, at the same time, make a style statement. The design is elegant, and the pendant acts as a vibrator, not as a casing for one. Also, it has a smooth metallic finish that goes well with most attires so you can carry it around freely.

Fun fact –  Snogo Straw fits in most of lovecrave’s smaller vibrators. Snogo Straw is a proprietary spring-loaded straw developed by Snogo to snuff cacao. Snogo takes pride in creating high-end jewelry that is stylish yet functional for our clients who enjoy snuffing cacao to boost their energy.

Contactless payment bracelet

No one carries around a bundle of cash these days, so our money is mostly safe. However, your plastic cards are not protected against viruses and bacteria that spread through contact. With a global pandemic making contactless payments essential, the contactless payment bracelets Tovi Sorga are a must in your functional jewelry collection. With this bracelet, you can make payments without touching anything at places like supermarkets, train stations, etc.

About Snogo

At Snogo, we make our jewelry with the perfect balance of functionality and fashion. We have developed Snogo Straw, an ingenious on-the-go device that provides a quick and fantastic sniffing experience meant to replace the bullets with a spring-loaded straw. Our Snogo products are available in silver, nitride, and gold gloss finishes. You can email us at to know more about our products.

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