First and foremost the Snogo Pogo is a spring loaded straw intended for cacao bumps in the bottom (scoop), and out the top (nose piece).

- Always tell friends about the Snogo as it is best used amongst the camaraderie of other like minded individuals.

- Always be sure your Cacao is GOUND TO A FINE POWDER before

- Do not expose your Snogo Pogo to prolonged moisture exposure.
The Snogo pogo inner plunger is made from Medical Grade 316 Stainless
steel and is resistant to corrosion, however both the interior and exterior
tubes may rust upon prolonged exposure to liquid.

How to Snogo?

Snogo “Pogo” Standard Usage Guide 

  1. Depress Snogo Plunger
  2. Scoop Cacao
  3. Release Plunger
  4. Inhale through top of plunger

 How to Snogo

 On boxing. 

  How to open and release the Snogo? 

  1. Depress plunger
  2. Align groove, and twist inner plunger clockwise 180 degrees or one half turn.
  3. Release the inner plunger. 
  4. Enjoy straw or scoop functionality. 

How do I clean the Snogo?

Disassemble Snogo POGO, soak scoop area in club soda for one minute. Then spray the microfiber towel (provided) with white vinegar, and wipe down entire POGO and to remove any unwanted debris. DO NOT USE ABRASIVE CLEANING MATERIALS or POGO may scratch. Thoroughly dry to remove all moisture from the POGO. Re-assemble and enjoy.



Snogo is intended for use with legal cacao chocolate, and is not to be used with illegal substances.