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Fiesta Dos

Party favors for party favors, the standout party favor for every occasion. Audacious and sentimental, the full kit. Unabashedly extravagant and entirely functional. For the Fiesta Dos – just like the Uno – order three to nine identical, engraved SNOGOs or INCOGNITOs. Then in comes the Dos’s “deluxe” accouterments: For every straw, there’s a QuickDraw, a large Double Stack, and a blindingly blinged-out Snogo Fisherman Hat, pick from white or black.

Offered in set quantities of 3 to 9. Save 20% off List Price. PRICING is for all sets selected.



The Fiesta Dos is a another perfect bundle for all celebrations. A Bridesmaids and Groomsmen gift set, a festival gift set, a friends getaway commemorative gift set, a BFF always gift set, and more. It’s a great way to celebrate all the goodness that we share.

Available in sets of 3 to 9.

To Order:
Pick your Straw – SNOGO or INCOGNITO.
Pick your Straw finish: Silver, Nitride, Burgundy or Gold
Pick your Fisherman Hat color: White or Black
Pick your quantity: 3 to 9

Then share during Checkout what you want engraved on your Straw and the font type. Get 14 characters for your SNOGO or 11 characters for your INCOGNITO.

It’s a Keepsake to be cherished.

Fiesta Uno includes in each set:

An Engraved SNOGO or INCOGNITO in Silver, Nitride, Burgundy or Gold

A Snogo Fisherman Hat in White or Black
A Snogo QuickDraw
A Snogo Double Stack Large

Available in sets of 3 to 9, all sets are identical, same Straw and Fisherman Hat with QuickDraw and Stack.



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