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Snogo Necklace SMG

A perfect compliment to your Snogo SMG precise dosing bump straw. An even easier way to bring your Snogo SMG wherever the night takes you.

Make all the right impressions and stay ultra discreet by wearing your Snogo SMG as an elegant pendant.  Beautifully designed, subtle, and sleek, the Snogo SMG necklace is a perfect compliment to your Snogo SMG.

Your Snogo SMG precise doing bump straw will fit perfectly into the custom ring size for a flawless compliment in functional jewelry.

The Snogo SMG Necklace comes in a Nitride, Sliver, Burgundy, or Gold finish, and pairs perfectly with the Snogo SMG precise dosing bump straw.

Designed with your awesomely aggressive lifestyles in mind, the Thin Gauge measures 1 mm in diameter, that’s 50% thicker than the original, 0.5mm Snogo necklace. The Thick Gauge, which clocks in with a diameter of 1.5mm, is 47% thicker (a.k.a. STRONGER) than Snogo’s original 0.8 mm “thick” necklace.

*All Snogo SMG necklaces are uni-Sex, 15″, and fit ONLY the recently released Snogo SMG. Snogo SMG sold separately. 


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