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This Necklace Only Fits These Straws

If strong is sexy – and it sure is! – Snogo’s new & improved necklaces are, in fact, significantly sexier than the originals. Like twice as sexy! In other words, they’re twice as strong. 

Designed with your awesomely Find Your Line, independent and expressive lifestyle in mind, the new Thin Gauge measures 1 mm in diameter, that’s 50% thicker than the original, 0.5mm Snogo necklace. 

The Thick Gauge, we lovingly call it the Warrior, clocks in with a diameter of 1.5mm, is 47% thicker (a.k.a. STRONGER) than Snogo’s original 0.8 mm “thick” necklace. 

Made for durability with Stainless Steel (may contain traces of nickel).

*All Snogo necklaces are uni-Sex, 15″ and fit our entire Snogo straw collection. Snogo sold separately. 

ProductLengthGaugeWeight in Gram/Oz.Material
Regular Thin Necklace15″3 mm25 gStainless Steel 304
Regular Thick Necklace15″3.5 mm35 gStainless Steel 304


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