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Although nearly identical to the original SNOGO in length, width & weight, the Mojo’s thick, outer tube is notably shorter than the original and its inner, plunger tube is longer, thus creating an elongated spoon feature, capable of plunging deeper into your stash and loading 50% more into the chamber.

Like every straw in Snogo’s collection, the MOJO’s bump straw and integrated scoop is actually three cacao accessories in one, as it can be disassembled to create an elegant, corrosion-resistant cacao straw and a separate, magnificently bump spoon. The SNOGO MOJO functions in exactly the same way as Snogo’s straws so, despite the increased intensity it’s delivering, the act of delivering it, remains just as discreet. 

Offered in Silver and Nitride, and compatible with both the Thick and Thin Snogo necklaces*, if you’re looking to partake in big, fat, railroad tie tooters, anytime, anywhere, the SNOGO MOJO is your kind of monster. Have at it.

Straw Overall Length Overall Width Overall Dimensions Innertube Length Innertube Width Weight in Gram/Oz. Scoop Size Material
SNOGO MOJO 92 mm 12.6 mm 92 mm * 12.6 mm 91.8 mm 9.28 mm 22 g 18 mm Stainless Steel 304 / 316
Snogo Patent


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