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To those who said the Snogo’s bumps were too small… And to those who said they were too big….

We heard you.  And now, after 2 years and 19 prototypes, we can prove it.

Introducing a precision dosing bump straw: The Snogo SMG.

Design your own Snogo SMG. Choose your outer tube color, dial color, and inner tube color. 

Sexy, sculptural and engineered for exactness, The Snogo SMG is the same length as the original Snogo, but ever-so-slightly thicker to accommodate a dose-setting dial.. A ground-breaking, game-changing transformational feature, the dial is, in plain speak, exactly what you asked for; a way to control the size of your bumps. With 3 size settings – Small, Medium and good, old-fashioned Grande/Giddiup/Get-Your-Ass-In-Gear ripper – whatever suits, just dial it in and you’re good for the night!

The Snogo SMG’s select-your-size feature is what you asked for, but we’re an envelope pushing crew. Over-the-top and off-the-chain, that’s our sweet spot. So, how’s this for sweet: design your own Snogo SMG! You can choose a different finish for each outer tube, dial and inner tube (select your combo from silver, nitride, gold and burgundy finishes). So in every sense, The Snogo SMG puts you in the saddle (with a shiny-ass set of spurs!).

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