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A low profile bump straw and scoop, SNOGOs function so discreetly, you can treat yourself to a cacao bump at anytime, anywhere, Sink the end of the Snogo into your cacao stash, then press and release on the nose piece and, just like that, a bump of cacao is locked and loaded in the straw’s chamber. Then, a quick, swift, whiff and…mission accomplished.

A truly luxurious accessory, the SNOGO features a 316 stainless steel, corrosion-resistant core that operates with frictionless action as it glides through the triple mirror-polished outer shell. An internal DNX spring ensures a smooth, near-silent, recoil, the 7-hole pin-prick carb facilitates optimal airflow for consistently smooth, clog-free dosing. The SNOGO is easily disassembled and converted into a designer cacao straw and a separate, elegant spoon-like cacao scoop.

Designed with nightlife in mind, the SNOGO’s nose piece features a small yet tangible notch that serves to dictate orientation. Mind you, the SNOGO is far from nocturnal. Since, once a bump of cacao is scooped up and into the straw’s inner tube, that bump is spill-proof and protected, The Snogo is an invaluable companion for outdoor pursuits where windy conditions would make bumping cacao by any other method nearly impossible.

Features and Functions
  • – Enjoy bumps of cacao anytime, anywhere.
  • – Smooth, frictionless scooping action.
  • – Internal DNX spring provides a smooth, near-silent recoil.
  • – 7-hold pin-prick carb facilitates optional airflow for smooth, swift dosing.
  • – Leave No Trace! The nasal delivery system prevents the “powdered nose” look.
  • – “Stash-to-Sniff” protection! Once a bump is loaded in the SNOGO, it can’t be spilled and won’t blow away in windy conditions.
  • – Notched nose piece provides directional orientation in dark places.
  • – Compatible with thick and thin Snogo Necklaces.
  • – Fits snug & securely in the specialized brim pockets of Snogo’s Kangaroo caps.
  • – Available in five finishes: silver, nitride, burgundy, gold and rose gold.
  • – A 3-in-1 luxury cacao accessory. The patented bump-straw and scoop design can be disassembled to form a luxury straw and a separate spoon-like bump scoop.
StrawOverall LengthOverall WidthOverall DimensionsInnertube LengthInnertube WidthWeight in Gram/Oz.Scoop SizeMaterial
SNOGO86 mm12.6 mm86 mm * 12.6 mm85.8 mm9.28 mm20 g12 mmStainless Steel 304 / 316
Snogo Patent

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