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The CHIC is Snogo’s first and only cacao straw to bear no logo. Nevertheless, it is anything but modest. Hand-wrapped in matte black, molded carbon fiber, The CHIC is the rarest, most extravagant cacao straw in the world today.

Commonly found in the aerospace industry, carbon fiber is a biaxial braid of precisely oriented fibers of maximum stiffness and compressive strength. Nothing at all like the vinyl imitations, true carbon fiber possesses intense visual depth and unique tactile properties. The CHIC is individually hand-wrapped by a specially skilled fabricator, using a process that takes 3-days. It’s excessively extravagant, purely aesthetic and dripping with sex appeal.

The Founder’s Series, officially launched with the release of The CHIC, is the passion project and creative outlet for Snogo’s design-feen founder, Arrian. The Founder’s Series will comprise collections of exquisite, limited-run cacao straws that cater to those who covet craftsmanship and relish rarity.

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