Incognito Nitride
Incognito Nitride
Incognito Nitride
Incognito Nitride
Incognito Nitride
Incognito Nitride

Incognito Nitride

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OUT OF STOCK. We're expecting to receive more of these soon. Customers will receive a fulfillment notification. 

Our smallest, low profile bump straw and scoop. Half the size of the traditional Snogo, with the same scoop capacity. 

Ultra slim design.  Perfect for dark atmospheres.  Whisper quiet scoop and recoil action.  Reliable dosing, anytime, anywhere.

The Snogo Incognito spring-loaded bump straw is a 3-in-1 product. Use as a cacao applicator, or when taken apart it can be used as a designer straw and scoop (to replace the key bump). 

Our most discreet cacao bump straw, applicator, and scoop measures only 1.5 inches in length by a slim 0.3 inches in diameter.  Despite being half the size of the traditional Snogo, it has the same scoop capacity.  Available in a Nitride finish


    • Nitride finish
    • 1.5 inches in length by a slim 0.3 inches in diameter 
    • Limited release, while supplies last
    • 3-in-1 bump straw, applicator, and scoop
    • Low profile and incognito for use in any environment
    • DNX spring for smooth, whisper quiet recoil 
    • Click ratchet measuring scoop ensures reliable dosing
    • Notched nasal piece for Snogo orientation in darker atmospheres
    • Triple mirror polish on all surfaces for frictionless action
    • Seven hole carb to facilitate optimal air flow
    • Medical-grade, corrosion free 316 stainless steel interior core
    • 304 stainless steel outer shell


    NEW! Personalize your Snogo Incognito with a custom engraving (up to 8 characters). 

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