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  • Snogo


    We are happy to offer you the Snogo, a truly optimal Cacao-on-the-Go product. Measuring 3 inches in length by a slim .3 inches in diameter, the Snogo offers unique features including a notched nose-piece for use in dark atmospheres, triple mirror-polish on all surfaces for a frictionless experience, a seven-hole carb for optimal airflow and a superior-quality DNX Spring for smooth recoil action.

    Snogo is made from a combination of a medical grade 316 Stainless Steel interior core, and 304 Stainless Steel outer shell, and is offered in a polished Stainless Silver or Black Nitride finish.

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  • Snogo + Necklace


    What could be better than getting your necklace and Snogo as a combo? That’s easy – getting a little discount while doing so! Purchase the two together and get $10 bucks off the top!

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  • Necklace


    We offer the Polished Stainless Silver finish for the ladies, optimal for a more refined neck and chest.

    We reserve the Nitride finished necklace and a slightly thicker chain for the gents.

    However both are Uni-Sex, 15″ and look amazing on all Snogo family members.

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  • Cacao


    Our signature blend of Organic Raw Cacao includes Asian Mint, Holy Basil, Kava, Ginger, Vitamin B-12, and caffeine. Each Cacao bump hold the equivalent of approximately 1 cup of coffee.

    Small = 5 grams
    Large = 10 grams

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