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To our Bump-Loving Brother & Sisters… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Dearest Snogoers, 

In an effort to sound as sophisticated as the products we design, and also [mainly] because Facebook insists upon it, Snogo has resolved to curb its use of profanity in 2023. But it’s still 2022, this ain’t Facebook and we honestly can’t think of another way to accurately express this, so here goes: You’re the FUCKING BEST! Absolutely, unequivocally, hands-down, the FUCKING BEST. 

It’s not as though this just occurred to us. Every day we discover another reason why you, our Snogo customers, are the FUCKING BEST customers on the planet. For example, we’re about to wish you a happy new year, but we’re not going to tack on “celebrate safely” or “party responsibility” – no way! You’ll get that from other companies, but they’re dealing with amateurs. You guys, you’re party professionals! In other words, you’re the FUCKING BEST! So here it is, disclaimer free: 


However you choose to ring it in, when the dust settles, watch out for Snogo in 2023! We’re coming out of the gates HOT, with all sorts of new surprises in the coming months. So don’t be a stranger! Everything we do, every product we make, it’s for you. Because, you guessed it, you’re the FUCKING BEST! 

Puddles of profanity-free LOVE, 


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