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What is Snogo?

OK- Who are we?  In a nutshell – We make spring-loaded straws and other devices for sniffing Cacao up one’s nose on the go and curate a signature blend of organic cacao. It may sound crazy – but it’s a lifestyle. 

Each “serving” contains approximately the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. 

Our target markets specifically are partygoers, club-goers, the bar crowd of every ilk. We also think the people in the restaurant industry, college (partying) students, even truck drivers- people who stay up all night- or want to-would love the product. We have done zero marketing so far ZERO- but the word of mouth has spread like wildfire with sales in 10 countries! 

Snogos are branded as subtly high-end for the more mature partier who likes to do their partying in class. Our image is unique, and sophistication, almost one of high-end, functional jewelry. 

We are 100% legit and aim to keep it that way. 

The other fun news is that we are a 3 in 1 product. Spring Loaded straw, and when easily taken apart, it can be a designer straw, and a scoop (to replace the key bump).

“So the tube like this, if you open it up, the Snogo is inside alright. And it’s just a clever, clever straw basically. It has a nice mechanic inside of it. Then you’ve got your Cacao. That nice, rich, caffeine. Smells delicious, and basically, you just, take your straw like that, take the perfect scoop, and it’s just like the perfect, perfect application, alright and you just (sniffs) take it in.

 There’s a really cool necklace feature – you can either put it in your pocket or you can put it on a necklace. This is my favorite part, because I know myself – I lose these things. You just put it around your necklace, and it becomes a really beautiful accessory.

 And also, there comes another finish. A dark dark chromo, so it’s really by preference. Whichever you prefer. I like them both, they’re very beautiful. hmm, but the necklace on this one (showing the nitride necklace) is a little bit thicker. The silver necklace has that thinner necklace. And voila!”

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Snogo Straws were designed exclusively for use with cacao chocolate products and were NOT designed for the use of nor are compatible with any other product designed to be inhaled or delivered via inhalation. Snogo takes no position as to the long term benefits or detriments of cacao use, and disclaims/forever discharges any side effects or other issues which could arise from the short or long term use of cacao.