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CLOSED – Which festival do you want a free pass for?

CLOSED - Which festival do you want a free pass for?

Congrats Kalie Craven, you’re headed to Lost Lands!

You have 24 hours to claim your prize by emailing me at

New winner will be chosen if prize left unclaimed

Yo! Affiliates & Ambassadors, 
First & foremost, a chance to score a FREE FESTIVAL PASS!  Just comment below your answer to this brain-crushing question: 

Which festival do you want a free pass for? 

Comment your answer by May 21th @ 12pm MT and you’ll be entered into a drawing.

If your name is drawn, the free festival pass you wished for: YOURS! Winner will be announced in the Snogo Salon

*I’ve got a $300 budget, More than enough to cover most 2-day passes. 

Oh yeah, while posting your answer/wish at the Snogo Salon, be sure to check out the updated Affiliate & Ambasador leaderboard – it’s seen some moving and shaking!

Want to see your name on that leaderboard? Here’s a tip from one of the current leaders:

“SNOGOs are like sneakers. Gotta keep the collection growing!”

Alright then, go on now. Post your festival wish. SELL SOME SNOGOS! And check the Snogo Salon May 21th at 12pm MT to see if you won! 

Over & Out, 


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